We all know that men are fond of very severe hobbies and that women are more peaceful with that. But here is something that they both like - archery! Archery is the sports that suits women very well as men have certainly remained their Robin Hood-time hunter’s instincts. Not to mention the kids - just give them the bow and observe.

We offer you:

* An experienced multilingual instructor;
* Extreme amounts of fresh air;
* We have it all - longbows for men, blockbows for women , crossbows and softer types of bows for children;
* You can shoot either a traditional target or special animal figures (hunting without blood).

Price for a group up to 10 persons is 225 € and up to 20 persons 300 €

We suggest you to use it as an extra-activity with, for example, paintball or military action, BUT it can very well keep people occupied also as a solo. BESIDES - we also offer the chance to just grill and chill on the spot as archery suits everybody. We have a net to catch all the arrows that miss the target, but sometimes still some arrows get lost and then 100 EEK is asked for each.