The group is driving with a bus, suddenly there’s an ambush- smoke grenades, big explosions, shooting, crying. The whole bus-full of people is arrested.
That’s how the event „Military actions" begins. From there on people are lined up and the event is introduced, people are divided into groups and then it begins.

Test yourself and your courage- are you ready to step out from the 5-th floor window and come down with a rope? There’s a course of training and practice before it.


The obligatory part of the „Military Actions" is shooting. Small-arms and even the famous „Kalashnikov" (semiautomatic version). 25 shots per face.


Look out- the mine field!

The group has to cross the mine-field so that nobody is blown up. You have to stay calm and cooperate with others- that’s the only way to stay alive.


The transfer from place to place is with armoured car. You’ll feel the same as sprats in a tin.



If you feel hungry, the soldiers food is waiting for you.




For up to 10 persons 1300 €

For up to 20 persons 1700 €

For up to 30 persons 2100 €

For up to 40 persons 2500 €

Action place locates in old russian military base, about 40 km from Tallinn center. All in all this event includes transfer from Tallinn and back, ambush, rappelling, shooting with different weapons, minefield, soldiers food and transfer between actions with armoured fighting vehicle. All instructors are well trained and certified. All participants will get badge „Mr Death’s Shooting Academy" to prove passing of this event.