Small Sniping Competition 

Yes, shooting is a noisy and powerful action with lots of adrenaline. But shooting can also be an action which is friendly, silent and without recoil. Small caliber rifle, silencer and nice optics. Fresh air, birds are singing, easy feeling. Who's the best?  


Small sniping competition for a group of up to 10 people

Small caliber rifle .22LR with good optics and silencer.  Rifle does not hurt your shoulder;
6 different distances from 25 meters up to 150 meters. 5 shots into each target;
Refreshments included;
Easy atmosphere, lots of time to talk with your friends;
Very nice instructor helps you and explains everything;
Three best shooters will get presents. 

  Price for a group of up to 10 people is 200 EUR.

This event is suitable actually for everybody, also for ladies, youngsters and pensioners. It does not matter whether you have shot before from a firearms or not. Instructor will explain everything. Safety is guaranteed! Event lasts approximately for 3 hours. Small video of this event: